Friday, July 16, 2010


Norman Teague
born in Chicago, educated in Chicago public schools Teague ventured away and explored the many excitements of Chicago urban glories. Furniture designer and educator, Teague studied architecture at Harold Washington college afterwards he took a position as a consultant to several chicagoland architecture firms. Shortly after, Teague studied product design with a focus on furniture at Columbia College Chicago which led him to start his first design studio at 500 w cermak arts building, where he collaborated and dialogued with other well known artists and designers, who still are a great influence on his life. Teague has worked with several small and large businesses to develop full and partial design needs into reality. Developing an array of consumer products, custom goods, commercial millwork as well as furniture. Teague strongly encourages his young students to explore the opportunities that are offered in the design industry, and to be a fun but critical thinker when approaching new problems with influences on research and emphasis on design process. Teague's interest in universal design and environmental issues has led him to rethink design from the beginning of its life cycle to the end. He never stops challenging himself and others in his mission to improve people's conditions through good design constantly designing with no fear of breaking traditional design rules while enforcing the theory that "there are no rules". 22b design was developed to focus on sustainable manufacturing of custom products, and public spaces, beit new retail spaces, custom designs and space layouts (working drawings), design management and educating our clients. Working closely with architects and designer to bring forth their ideas, and concepts to a tangible level has been a constant focus.
From an aspect of teaching, Teague is always set to chellenge young designers to not be afraid to think differently, and to travel at every chance they get.
Working in an array of projects such as furniture, consumer products and fashion he always brings unique solutions and unexpected results.Teague has a love affair with travel and becoming a teacher has given him more freedom to visit places such as Guatemala, Copenhagen and Italy.

Presently, through 22b design group Teague plans to collaborate with other local designers to develop a short line of objects to be manufactured locally and sold on an international level.

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