Thursday, October 28, 2010

afro-scandi planks.........available for christmas.

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The ties are made of spare and scrap pieces of wood found in my shop after large jobs. Inspired from traditional wooden African beads and Scandinavian craftsmanship, this new line is meant for the well dressed architect, business man, professor, scientist, art historian, the politician and the hip skateboarder, artist, musician, trendsetter, dj and carpenter. These lovely pieces can also be worn as a hair accessory or pendant.
Clothing from Casa De Soul(
Photos by Agnieszka Kulon. (

Monday, October 4, 2010

Each one Teach one

These young designers allowed me to come into their church for an after school program and work with them on designing chairs. These kids had great imaginations and full capabilities to see and develop ideas with very little guidance. Once given the right tools and training, the three groups of kids came up with marvelously built chairs and furthered their ideas with personal paint splashes. I thank them and Sprout Youth Programming for allowing me the pleasure and experience to learn, their way. It was such a blast.

Who are we!

We are a design studio with full wood, metal and stainless steel fabrication capabilities. Working in the industry for over 15 years 22b has been developing ideas and collaborating with local manufacturers, designers, architects and businesses while keeping abreast of new materials and processes. 22b focuses on bringing innovative ideas and solutions followed by continued relationship building with local communities throughout Chicagoland and abroad. 22b has worked with business owners from initial concept in order to allow the necessary research to involve the environment, community and cultures that will inhabit the space. This tactical research helps to reassure that the needs of the consumer and the business owner are fully served. Product design, residential, retail, restaurant and office spaces all require diverse design solutions, so each is approached with a particular attention.

design process

S S S Salt and Peppa here!

Love a unique salt and pepper shaker? me too. This idea stemmed from
play time with my boys and simplicity of scandi design. I designed the heads
only, the balloons purchased seperately.

Casa De Soul

Casa de Soul (
Chicago born and Nigerian raised Kennedy Ashinze (owner of CDS)
engulfs the division strip with fresh fashions, great music,
culture and vibes. In order to show off his new fall lines I did update to his store just a week ago. The new shelving and hanging racks give consumers a more open view of the fashions while offering eye level views of the highlighted accessories. Kennedy promotes a tribute to Fela throughout the year at various locations like Rodan.


Penninsula Hotel Chicago

The Peninsula Hotel Chicago needed charger plates for their main restaurant to add their contemporary look without expelling the traditional glamour that it has kept up for years. I presented several sketches and wood samples until we settled upon one.
This ash wood charger with espresso stain and satin finish was designed with 3 stainless steel rings as accent. Manufactured by Barron Furnishings (

Leaders 1354

Leaders 1354, Cie=rey G. Asked that I design his new space with attention to Fresh Branding that would follow.
Opened their downtown store (Wells and Huron)
a urban outfits that carries the hottest in it LDRS1354 brands
as well as the latest kicks and outer-wear to hit the streets.
A leader in fashion. Check em out at

15 degree Coffee table

15 degree table
inspired by paper and testing its structure by taking away large unnecessary
peices. This test will continue, but for now this is it. Top: painted white plywood legs: Painted White metal

Top: solid walnut
legs: painted steel
available in other finishes
call for inquiries