Friday, October 16, 2015

Sinmi Stool
Gasping for air, she searches for a place to rest, a brief moment of repose, to catch her breath before she begins again. Sinmi is an rocking stool that instigates interaction and provides a momentary place to perch, sit or straddle in comfort.

Dimensions, 18 x 30 x 20 inches; 45.7 x 76.2 x 50.8 cm
Plywood and rubber
Photos by Jonathan Allen
Thanks to Helen Maria, Nugent Jim Tremeer, Kekeli Sumah

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Design For Sale

Hello Friends and Family, first and foremost I would like to thank you all for being so supportive to me as a designer it means the world to know that I can provide you with objects, furniture and allowing Plank to be a part of so many special occasions. For those that don’t know I have begun an exciting push for higher education by starting a Masters of Fine Arts at The School of the Art Institute. My goal this semester and most of the remaining time at SAIC is to open a design studio on Chicago’s south that offers a closer look at design and its many processes but also to exploit the idea of getting involved with the design and build that happens in and around your community. This, as a individual is a difficult task, but with the help of a village theres nothing that can’t be done. I work particularly with youths to bring design close and take the fear out of power tools and instill empowerment thru “Do it Yourself”.
Most of you know me as a father, others know me as a designer/builder, some might even know me as an educator of design with a push toward diversity and inclusion. In my quest to complete this beautiful educational task I have set forth to conquer, I need to generate sales in an effort to complete my classes one of which is to exhibit works in the 2015 Milan Furniture Fair, in April of this year. This trip invites spectators from Chicago and around the world to come and see a long list of designers show their works meet new patrons of design and share information about their works. I have also been fortunate enough to be chosen as the Kutrich Scholarship winner for the summer travels to Japan to view and gather information surrounding design and manufacturing and the effects of community stabilization.
SUPPORT Here is where purchasing power comes in. The plan is not to ask for donations (that helps too) but to suggest purchases. My services include custom furniture, consultation, youth and adult workshops, design , retail design and product design. Also by looking around your home or business, closet, office, kitchen, attire or bath to see where some of my products could live.
Links: Credit cards are excepted as well as paypal. All other inquiries can direct an email to me personally -
My style is modern with an unusual hint of surprise that usually gives it its originality. I try to take into consideration the needs of my client first then I add a bit of me to keep a continued language that communicates simultaneously our collaboration. Your support goes directly to your chosen product but also to support the build of a D4 ALL studio on Chicago's south side. D4 ALL is searching for a storefront space on one of the busier streets like 43rd, 47th, 51st or 63rd near green line. If you have any leads please drop an email to me. Thank you for your continued support. Norman Teague, designer/educator

Friday, February 7, 2014

Be Seated

I'd like to invite you guys to participate in "Be Seated", a design/build competition turning in to permanent exhibition space located at 5114 s Prairie called TAC's. “Be Seated” design competition makes place for more alternative design outlets as well as using design as a catalyst to create new public gatherings and social landscapes. The design competition invites sponsorship for exhibition fees, overseas shipping and awards fees if your company would like to allocate funding for "Be Seated" this would be a worthy opportunity. We will include your logo as a sponsor. We also have a Facebook page for Crossing Washington Park. (

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Documenta 13 Here in Kassel Germany we are busy making ART and showing off all the spaces. Stay tuned for new info. and images.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Root Table

Conceptually the ROOT table was born from the idea of a tree.
Giving praise to its roots by inverting the table to show the surface
as the dominating aesthetic, while highlighting the colors of its leaves
and branches but making them the subordinate component within
the structure.


A collaboration with Theaster Gates. I was asked to design and fabricate a set of eating utensils that allow a user to indulge in collard greens and sushi in one sitting. Given the material of cherry wood from a demolished boat house, we dove into the project and these are the results. I elongated the neck of the fork, prong and spoon to allow for tapering of the opposing end of each utensil to mimic chopsticks.

Mej from Rebuild Foundation trying out the chop sticks